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My Adventures

Blenheim Palace

Here I found lavish expenditure and over indulgence; among blood soaked ravings of aristocratic psychopathy a threatened over inflated ego. If you are French or Bavarian nationalist I would stay clear of the 5th column as the xenophobic stone carved musings will

Cher Hill Downs, Calne

Woken to a damp breeze, underneath low grey overcast sky; early morning upon this visually prominent hill. Along the steep winding chalk footpath I came across beautiful butterflies, wild flowers and when ascended stalk views of Salisbury plains became apparent.


Have a happy and blessed Jyesththa Poonam; as sure as monsoon brings prosperity I shall return! OM AIM RIM KLEEN SAUH, Jai Mataji, Jai Bahuchar!


First time I returned to Avebury since my visit to India and Sri Lanka which I spent in solitude but with only one exception.

Malvern Hills, Summer Solstice 2018

Rather than face huge social climbing crowds at Stonehenge I chose to spend my Summer Solstice walking the Malvern hills; camping out on Mid summer hill through length of night to observe the morning sunrise.

Suffering in Sri Lanka

Wearing flip flops I accidentally smashed my left little toe against a railing, the wound never healed and infection became worse over the coming weeks. Rancid flood waters brought floating dead rats and human excrement to my open wounds and mosquito bites

Tamil Hindu Kovil in Sri Lanka

These temples were absolutely awesome and entrance to every one of them was permitted. Some temples were more friendly than others, sometimes a tourist fee was charged or simply left open to an optional donation. All temples were blessed by myself which

Kagyu Samye Ling

Near a small village of Eskdalemuir there is a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery located on the verdant banks of the beautiful river Esk. We visited in the midst of freezing winter but sharp air was delightfully fresh and crisp as the crunching snow


I was surprised to find few people bothered with 'Merlin's cave'; surmising that they probably did not discover where the cave actually is. Tintagel coastline was mystic, contrast heavy in depth among shades of rugged contour. Truly an anchor in preservation of

Bude Beach, Cornwall

Bude beach has to be one of the most geological characteristic shores lines I have been to; such a powerful expression of the moving life of our changing earth. Was an awesome experience the short time I spent here. and

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About me

me and rosieI was born second child to a working class family (father a printers clerk, mother a factory assembly line worker) in a small university town called Loughborough. After four years my parents relocated to Shepshed but soon after they divorced. Whilst alone, my then struggling single parent mother to a four and eight year old child became very ill with paranoid schizophrenia; an illness she endured with little help or assistance until violently breaking down seven years later... read more....


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moi and road alert

Between the years of 2001 - 2004 I made a series of direct action / environmental films in plight of the senseless destruction of the English / Scotish countryside. Watch them here

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    Took a really nice short walk along the Cotswold way to Haresfield Beacon for a view of the distant river Severn bridge spaning across the horizon north to the Malvern hills. A calm before the storm. To the north... To the south... nice flower... […]
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Dedicated to…

flower in hand

This blog is dedicated to all those of my true linage and family who tired to give me a home, a life. Brave, heroic, devout, faithful, caring and loving people were terrorised, abducted and persecuted by an insidious Trinitarian 'father' cult  who covertly 'out of sight' racially tore apart my soul; abducting, exploiting epiphanies, body snatching the essence of life to feed the greedy ascent of their hapless evil amoral lineage.

Although dissociated with trauma I will never forget you and what you tried to do for me. There is not a moment that resides in my heart that goes by without remembrance of the unique moment I spent in your presence, with each and every one of you.

Shun your captors.