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Rambling the UK


Beacon Hill, Leicestershire

It's very very cold upon this hill, I used to fly kites here long ago. The volcanic rock is 700 million years old and reaches out to the stars perched upon [...]

Arthur’s seat, Edinburgh

The scenery was awesome but climbing up the northern face of this ice clad hill was sheer stupidity. Descent on the south side less treacherous but tricky in shaded crevasses. Most [...]

Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery and Tibetan Centre

Every time I visit Samye Ling Monastery I imprint every thing around as though recording a movie. Photographs merely are a fraction of this but at least are something to share [...]

Northumbrian Duddo Stones

The Duddo Stones are close to the Scottish Border and located twenty or so miles west of Berwick on Tweed. The afternoon was bright and crisp; cracked mirrored puddles reflected a [...]

Lake District Landscapes

The Lake District was a larger version of Derbyshire's Peak District but obviously with Lakes, we originally arrived at Lake Windermere shortly before dusk. After a long days drive from Stroud [...]

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle has an awe inspiring ascetic scenic backdrop; a surrounding majestic topography that cradles without dwarfing the Circle of Castlerigg below. It can be easily seen reflecting from ego [...]

Long Meg Stone Circle

Long Meg was one of the most powerful Stone Circles I've visited, Long Meg is located 23 miles north east of Penrith. I was disheartened to find a road going straight [...]

Richmond Park

Crisp golden winters day as I rambled Richmond Park in search of shooting some pictures of dear; was quite peaceful until dusk when the roads clammed up with traffic.   [...]

Moi, Dragon Hill

I once visited an OBOD druid camp near here in the 90's, they had a hot tub, sweat lodge and a visiting professor named Ronald Hutton who signed me a copy [...]

Face painted 22/4/2017

This is the first time I have had my face painted which I really enjoyed but the face paint was oily and made my skin itch. And he said: "Truly I [...]

Moi at Painswick Beacon

Stroud valleys are beautiful; the most I've enjoyed about Gloucestershire is rambling these verdant hillsides; where clean wild winds blow upwards from the Severn estuary, liberated from smog of city stench. [...]

Malvern Hills

My father lived in the Malvern's and so as a child I walked these hills, disturbed I used to question why I could hear dogs barking but always got no reply, [...]

Sunset from Kite Hill

Drinking Masala tea with Rosie at sun down on Kite hill was rather nice and being true to the locations name a kite flew over. After we balanced and walked East [...]

Waylands Smithy long barrow

Waylands Smithy long barrow is ancient being early neolithic ; aged between 4500 and 3800 BCE. Located west of Dragon hill and Uffington white horse along the 5000 year old Ridgeway [...]

Leckhampton Hill, SSSI

In the mid 90's I rambled this hill often with my dog when I lived in Montpellier, Cheltenham. Leckhampton hill has been quarried for Limestone and hosted working lime kilns in [...]

Bridlington to Bempton Cliffs

This journey began in Goole from where I took the early morning train straight to Bridlington; on the way I talked to a nice elderly gentleman, he took pictures of trains [...]

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Selsley Hill, Gloucestershire

River of fire spread out behind, me facing deepening darking sky perched upon windswept Selsley Common.



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This blog is dedicated to all those of my true, homogeneous linage and family who tired to give me a home, a life. Brave, heroic, devout, faithful, caring and loving people were terrorised, abducted and persecuted by an insidious Trinitarian ‘father’ cult who covertly ‘out of sight’ racially tore apart my soul; abducting, exploiting epiphanies, body snatching the essence of life to feed the greedy ascent of their hapless evil amoral lineage.

Although dissociated with trauma I will never forget you and what you tried to do for me. There is not a moment that resides in my heart that goes by without remembrance of the unique moment I spent in your presence, with each and every one of you.

Shun your captors.