Beachy Head Cliffs, South Downs

Located on the South Downs way Beachy head cliffs is ranked seventh most notorious suicide spot in the world (although London’s Underground reportedly has up to hundred and fifty suicides annually). These precarious chalk cliffs rise to over 500ft (160m) above the southern sea and rocks below.

There is something about this place where earth meets water, air and dazzling light, a pan-dimensional rift that occasionally appears serrated from jagged cliff edge across to the rising event horizon.

The entire area is heavy patrolled. I’ve been here more than on one occasion and told both overzealous police and chaplaincy suicide look out team to piss off.

I’ve prophesied that I will see a rainbow shortly before my death; but not here at the end of this rainbow…

The local eating pub is also on the watch for potential cliff jumpers so don’t be looking sad and drinking to much in there. Attached next door is a visitors centre which is well worth a visit if you find you’ve taken an interest in the area.

The retired residential light house half mile away to the west was a filming location for a mid eighties hit “<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>She Devil</a>” television series; subject matter which I thought rather humorous.

The above photos were taken by myself in the month of February, 2016.

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