Hergest Owl’s

At the small breeds farm and owl centre in Herefordshire I couldn’t help feeling an overwhelming apathy and sadness, not just at the unfriendly reception at the ticket office but at the sleepless spectacle these nocturnal birds have become in their enclosures; should I have paid the nine pounds entrance fee and took these pictures? would these birds be otherwise dead if I’d of not given money but to whom are we to decree them unworthy of being unable to live naturally, to make an entrance, a return to their natural habitat? but even within this questioning has not my / their own very interest of issue ultimately kept these Owls detained, incarcerated in captivity? This exposure they shun, guiltless yet imprisoned without life; an experience I to have come to know of all to unwell.

Oak, broom and meadowsweet, my namesake…..

Owls are wild creatures they belong in the wild both in life and in death.

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