Swannymote and Blackbrook reservoir

As the Peak District falls so the hills rise again in North West Leicestershire. Seven hundred million year old rock at degree protrudes from the ground reaching out to the sky here . Swannymote is located next to the village of Whitwick and also located on a huge tectonic lay line running North West to South East from Breedon hill to the Alter Stones in Markfield. Here as a child I found sanctuary as a child from a troubled home / school life, affinity with nature developed amongst these auspicious rocks, trees and the abundance of wild life this place lovingly nurtures. This was also a place where wise men of Leicestershire would meet, called Swains or Swans hence the name Swannymote.

Many local people come to Blackbrook Reservoir and enjoy this open space, water here is used as a drinking supply for the surround towns and villages. As children we would come here, throw ourselves off the bridge and swim, completely ignoring the ‘No swim’ signs.

The area is rich in fauna; in Leicestershire were there is water I found a lot of game being bred. Along the blind corner lanes it’s been known that locals here will fight over who takes the road kill (deer,pheasant etc) home to eat!

My friend Karen who accompanying drove the journey between Wiltshire, Wales and the Peak District

There wasn’t any time to photograph more of these places as our stay was limited to five hours in Leicestershire.

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