Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle has an awe inspiring ascetic scenic backdrop; a surrounding majestic topography that cradles without dwarfing the Circle of Castlerigg below. It can be easily seen reflecting from ego why this place would bear such an importance to Bards and Druids throughout the revival of our recent ages but in practicality as far as casting goes, this circle had little relevance; at least for my time at this location; anyway.

and the scenery…

Whilst balancing at the Stone Circle I came to meet an impressive chap who was dousing from East to West with a tree fork. After a brief introduction he went on to claim that he had received energy from the circle; a healing energy which had kept him alive through his five year infliction of a horrific blood cancer named leukaemia.

Spirits of the Ancestors, may he continue to be healed; so mount this blessing be from thee.

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