Flying models authored by my late father

I was born second child to a working class family (father a printers clerk, mother a factory assembly line worker) in a small university town called Loughborough. After four years my parents relocated to Shepshed but soon after they divorced. Whilst alone, my then struggling single parent mother to a four and eight year old child became very ill with paranoid schizophrenia; an illness she endured with little help or assistance until violently breaking down seven years later. From this age the age of eleven I was made a “full ward of court” and taken into care of social services. During the next shuffled four years I endured over fifty two moves between friends of the family, foster parents and children’s homes across the county of Leicestershire before the last of the three social workers finally burnt out and gave up.

New Age Travellers

After hearing stories of travellers whilst living on the streets aged fifteen I decided to go and find my own story on the road. I travelled all over the UK for many years living in benders (igloo shaped structure built with weaved hazel poles and covered with tarpaulin), caravans, converted buses and sometimes even sleeping in ditches when to drunk to get back home! To make ends meet I worked rural farmland picking fruit: strawberries, apples… etc; mostly around southern England. During this time I was accompanied by a faithful and loyal companion, a golden retriever collie cross named Thor; he travelled with me for eight years before becoming terminally ill with liver cancer.

Direct Action / Environmental Protest

MoiSherwoodIn 1992 I Became involved in the British anti road building movement through the Twyford Down M3 protest then onto Newbury where I occupied Snalesmore Common with a handful of other activists. Later campaigns included Syston Common (anti bypass protest) 1994, Highworth (strategic housing) 1996, Hagbourne Copse (occupation to secure sale of ancient woodland) 1997 and a small time at the Nine Ladies (anti Quarry campaign). Between 2000 – 2005 I started to document protest filming on location with a Sony Hi8 camcorder producing a number of films in collaboration with Pirate TV, I also built and mentained Road Alert! website, designed to highlight future plans of the Governments supposedly defunct road building programme.


I’m an avid amateur photographer capturing most pictures using a mobile phone although I’ve took a limited amount of photos with previously owned D-series Nikon camera.  Other than via a web log on line I have never distributed, published or exhibited any of my images and have not desire or intention of entering any competitions in the near future. I simply like to share experiences through images with those who are not able to witness moments in my life I find special… view more


Due to a troubled home sanctuary for the first half of my life has been the countryside; I like to be on firm ground, a foot upon hillsides and mountains amongst clear surrounding expanse where I feel I can breath. The countryside is a reflection of us, from rolling round curves of the valley to the chiselled mountain edge; here is grounding, affirmation, a natural home sake akin to all of us. Rambles have included Peak District, National footpaths: Offa’s Dyke, Ridgeway and Cotswold, North and South downs way.

Art and Design

Initially I started painting as a therapy for trauma related illness that I was suffering, people around at this time said they felt a presence of peace about me when I painted and also enjoyed viewing my art. I work with acrylic on canvas. oil and chalk pastels and marker tip on paper / card. My art is defined as abstract composition drawing from influences of my environment viewed from deep within subconsciousness and projected back onto consciousness; an awareness that rests upon canvas. My work consists of arches and spirals which form numbers as I turn light with empathy, emotion in signature atonement… read more


moistantondrewBetween 1992 – 2006 I both attended and instructed open Druidic Gorsedd / Eistedfodd of Avebury, Bath and Glastonbury performing hand-fastings, naming and remembrance ceremonies. In 2001 I founded the Nomadic Order of Druids (N.O.D), a transient closed order of druids located in Northern Europe; our interests span eastwards towards Asia and the Orient. In the same year I was unanimously voted a full member of the Council of British Druid Orders (C.O.B.D.O) in a meeting chaired by Douglas Lyne and held in a room above the Atlantis bookshop, London.


From 2002 to 2004 I meditated infrequently (sometimes twice weekly) with the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order and (weekly) with a Mahayana LGBT meditation group located in Soho, London. After finding Buddhism helpful I decided to meet Ringu Tulku Rinpoche (of Kagyu Order) at Euston friends meeting house (Quakers) . At this point I took both refuge and cited Boddhisttva vows; Ringu gave me the Tibetan name of “Pema” (lotus), took hair then placed a multi-coloured protection cord around my neck.


In India 2007 I was realised as a transsexual avatar / incarnation of Bahucharaji Mata; a Hindu Shakthi child goddess located at Becharaji in the North West state of Gujarat. Here in watchful presence of Hindu priests I reached out to consecutively aligning the crown chakras of over one hundred thousand Hindu devotees. In duration of twelve months I visited Shakthi peeths of Ambaji, Bahucharaji and Pavagadhread more


In the year 2015 I fasted / observed the month of Ramadan whilst living homeless on the filthy streets of London. During this time I read / studied the Quran and wore the Hijab and Niqab,  In severe times of hardship Muslims kindly helped me through Zakat; I found Muslims to be hard working, peaceful, God fearing people who to this day are still being relentlessly attacked by warring Christian conquest… read more

Mental Health

Between 2013 – 2015 I was unfortunate enough to be detained over seventy times by police using section 6 of the 1993 mental health act. The total amount of time awaiting process in places of safety and detainment on acute wards has taken away more than 6 months of my life. I’ve been diagnosed with borderline emotional personality, gender identity, post traumatic stress and generalised anxiety disorders… read more