Art and Design


I paint abstract compositions using media of acrylic on canvass, oil pastel on card or pen on paper. Unfortunately all of my art has been either defaced, stolen or fatefully lost due to hard, traumatic times on the road. These pictures are all but remain…

Web Design

Global Elite: Exposing Secret World Government

I originally created this website with Postnuke before rebuilding with Drupal; global elite was hosted by SPC. Inspired from informative casual chats with Tony Gosling back in the late 90’s at Kebele culture cafe, Easton, Bristol.’s peek statistics experienced over ten thousands unique visits per month whilst fully on-line between 2002-2006. The site published conspiracy articles and information about the global elite, Bilderberg group etc which were sourced from a number of email lists and also archived from many other related websites.*/


Road Alert!

A postnuke driven website created in response to the UK governments revamped ninties road building programme schemes. Road Alert website was hosted by Nologic and published loosely networked information from environmentalist direct activist campaigns as well as charting advancement of encroaching road building schemes. Seven short environmental films were made and webcast in collaborative conjunction of Outerbongolia, Pirate TV and SPC.*/


Control cards, Coldcut 2006

In 2006 I was commissioned by Ninjatune to design a pack of conspiracy control cards, game play was loosely styled on top trumps. The cards came as a promotion accompanying Coldcut single “Everything is under Control”. The record label was threatened and they retracted but not after publishing and distributing a few thousands packets!


There were over thirty cards in all, here are nineteen of them….


Between 2002 and 2006 I made seven short films in collaboration with Pirate TV. These films are viewable on line here