In two thousand and seven I was realised as a returning incarnation of a Hindu child goddess at Bahucharaji mata mandir,  Becharaji in Indian state of Northern Gujarat. Here I aligned (repaired) the crown Chakras of hundreds of thousands of Hindu Shakthi devotees….

Thousands devotees would visit the Shakthi peeth every full moon (Poonam); many of these devout Hindus would come to see me; in the twelve months I was there it was estimated by Shakthi priests that a few hundred thousand Hindus had consecutively received blessing from me.


Contrary to some accusations (from hijra influenced medias) I never charged any fee for giving blessing but in Hinduism it is an important custom to give coins and low (rarely high) currency notes, having not much need for money these offerings soon began to accumulate so I met together with priests to decide where the money should go.

Grey rolling clouds of a looming monsoon were quickly approaching changing season of Gujarat so after some informed deliberation we agreed to used monies given to fix roofs on a local school and also to replace a broken roof at Becharaji Ram Roti building which provided essential shelter and warm food to devotees that the temple trust restaurant could not feed.

Money was also donated to the Sri Bahucharaji mata temple trust; proceeds towards this government trust was also given from the auctioning of my sarees.


I passed the required temple test after travelling the length of another world back into India but here where all is god because god is all there are many, many facets of Shakti and having lit up every temple I visited thereabouts the question remained to where do I belong? At the height of my stay I found the priests and the Bala Tripura yantra that their Yagna had created.

But without rationalising implication and also fearing the temple would become a prison I turned away from reading to it which shook faith of devotees and hence spelt an abrupt end to my stay at temple. Subsequently I was taken to sector 14 in Gandhinagar and tortured out of my mind in a place where people went sent to who were presumed to be to close to ‘god’.


However my journey didn’t finish there, I then journeyed to other Shakti piths where I lit up idols up blessing hundreds of devootes at every temple I was blessed to visit, these including Shakti piths of Ambaji, Chotilla (Charmunda) and Pavagadh (Kali). Greatly blessed to meet heart talkers, gurus and others to special to even carry a description. I valued company and treasured making acquaintance but could never really sit restfully for the required and often lengthy duration.


At temple whilst receiving families I would also be invited to houses / societies; here in fine hospitality Hindu devotees would make me a delicious traditional Indian meal then quietly put me to bed to sleep. Whilst asleep safe I would discharge, recycle and renew my energy; this spent energy would fill entire houses and appearing as filled with fairy dust. On waking from siesta I would wash / freshen up then return to be seated at a table were rested in front of me a tray of delicious sweets.


Women would make a line outside and wait in turn to enter and feed me an Indian sweet named Ladoo. This an offering from hand given to mouth released yet more energy alighting their eyes as triangles of energy straightened to turn align Chakra. With their hands gently pressed together they would say ‘jai mataji’ (the goddess is here).

My appearance in India manifested a lot of disrespectful journalist attention; mainly from the international media of which I have written about in a rebuttal post here.