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Lake District Landscapes

The Lake District was a larger version of Derbyshire's Peak District but obviously with Lakes, we originally arrived at Lake Windermere shortly before dusk. After a long days drive from Stroud we retired early in a hotel in Penrith but next day, after a visit to Long Meg Stone Circle re-entered the Lake District to take these pictures. First stop was Lake Windermere for [...]

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle has an awe inspiring ascetic scenic backdrop; a surrounding majestic topography that cradles without dwarfing the Circle of Castlerigg below. It can be easily seen reflecting from ego why this place would bear such an importance to Bards and Druids throughout the revival of our recent ages but in practicality as far as casting goes, this circle had little relevance; at [...]

Richmond Park

Crisp golden winters day as I rambled Richmond Park in search of shooting some pictures of dear; was quite peaceful until dusk when the roads clammed up with traffic.   And lastly these green parrots which enjoy chasing down Squirrels; they are not indigenous to the UK.

Moi, Dragon Hill

I once visited an OBOD druid camp near here in the 90's, they had a hot tub, sweat lodge and a visiting professor named Ronald Hutton who signed me a copy of his book Stations of the Sun. I love this place, it's much more special for me than say Glastonbury, Waylands Smith long barrow and Uffington White Horse is not so far away [...]

Moi at Painswick Beacon

Stroud valleys are beautiful; the most I've enjoyed about Gloucestershire is rambling these verdant hillsides; where clean wild winds blow upwards from the Severn estuary, liberated from smog of city stench. Highest peak in Gloucestershire yet underneath a mountain of clouds  

Sunset from Kite Hill

Drinking Masala tea with Rosie at sun down on Kite hill was rather nice and being true to the locations name a kite flew over. After we balanced and walked East towards the moon rising which was truly awesome. Rosie loves sunsets as much as sunrises; knowing that we love her to....

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