Through flagrant discordance they came with bulbous septic eyes glaring, thin scarred lines impeaching fixated unbroken expression. Barbed wire hair parched dry balanced precariously over sliver of greasy, acrid urine scented skin. Huge bellowed nostrils flared hastened sucking air across thick sweltered contour of fat bloated features. Veiled beneath blackness of eye this cloaked image of they, surreal vanity impressed against  conditioned pretence so as to clench sceptre of ego above all rationalised else; morality ajar as if defaulting one to bring clarity of another was beyond all that mattered.

Hapless and encroaching in vain, a sprinkle from blue bottle to turn purity into disdain across length where targeted divinity stretched slain over crevice of disparity, filthy, cold concrete slab. A display of surmised frivolous claim declaring I unfit for god when it is they who are unfit for life. And so they came unto as if I were rein; a flood to float upon reckless wave an ark of self perpetuating misnomer. Whilst dissociate, distracted they looted soul; greedily snatching post occurrence to claim presence of god as possession. Slipped from grasp, abstracted oh how the light dimmed and faded as lie failed to become truth. In primordial tantrum envious shadows tore life from limb in misappropriated measure of exacerbated inadequacy.

Oh how envy and jealousy raged fire of depraved spite to isolate, desolate, to maim, rape, mutilate and murder in decree of Christian covenant.