Negroes never had any business with me; before I returned from India in 2008 they never had anything to do with my life. I’ve never been to Africa or took part in any African culture, I have never been intimate with a Negro and to my knowledge there has been no Negro interloped or married into my immediate family.

Before I was unfortunate to come across these encrouaching monsters I’d never had a problem with any race or creed. I shunned prejudice at every opportunity and lived amongst some of the most multicultural diverse areas of the UK.

Personally I find Negroes repugnant, their physicality has a fusty air of damp wet fur from their dry parched kink hair which to me resembles barbed wire. Flared overtly hairy noses are suffocating and bulbous and bloodshot septic eyes are scary frightening.

Negroes covertly breed ill contempt to lower existence to depths of de’sol’ation then side step themselves into peoples elevated futures.

Their persona is frequently intimidating being both deliberately loud and more than often becomes quickly aggressive. Over accentuated materialistic egos abhorrent and their obsessive meat eating habits vile and filthy.

They incite racism by taunting reaction then use this outcome to outcast, marginalise good people from their lives and in so cease the opportunities they created.