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  • Stanton Drew

    I haven't been to this stone circle since the nineties although I can still key into this three thousand year old circle from miles away. At Stanton Drew's local pub (named the Druids) their is [...]

  • Hay Bluff and Pen Y Beacon

    Twice I have been to Hay Bluff, this time the wild ponies were grazing on the north of the hillside. I've met people searching for the circle stones miles up the hillside looking for Pen [...]

  • Arbor Low and Gib hill

    From the roadside the surrounding green embankment of Arbor Low stone circle is just visible on the horizon. The circle is active and despite the stones being pushed over I managed to key into this [...]

Tiger sign in Chinese Zodiac am I

Some more face painting, this time I became a Tiger, here is a picture of me going ROAR at you! Dry paints are much better than oils which make my face itchy to much. and an endless mountain [...]

Flowers, in this garden

My friend has had some beautiful spring flowers grow in her Garden despite encroaching poison Ivy trying to pull every plant down and strangle to the death. In Islam heaven is know as Jannah which means 'garden'; Mohammad [...]

Birthday girl *5* today… again!

Thank you so much to my wonderful friend Karen, for being there and caring when nobody else did. We took a day trip out into the Forest of Dean visiting Puzzle wood and then to the river banks [...]

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