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Rambling the UK


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Selsley Hill, Gloucestershire

River of fire spread out behind, me facing deepening darking sky perched upon windswept Selsley Common.



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Rosie! My best friend Rosie, we met in Manchester and we been together ever since. To find out more about Rosie visit her blog page here

Dedicated to…

an offering to my true devotees

This blog is dedicated to all those of my true, homogeneous linage and family who tired to give me a home, a life. Brave, heroic, devout, faithful, caring and loving people were terrorised, abducted and persecuted by an insidious Trinitarian ‘father’ cult who covertly ‘out of sight’ racially tore apart my soul; abducting, exploiting epiphanies, body snatching the essence of life to feed the greedy ascent of their hapless evil amoral lineage.

Although dissociated with trauma I will never forget you and what you tried to do for me. There is not a moment that resides in my heart that goes by without remembrance of the unique moment I spent in your presence, with each and every one of you.

Shun your captors.