Section 136 Sandlewood to Section 2 at Southmead Hospital

After experiencing a selection of esoteric games played in and around John lewis at home in Mannington (south of Swindon) I decided to walk along dual carriageway Id spent four hours trying to hitch.

The day was becoming old, my shoes where so worn out they were falling off my feet with every step making walking awkwardly clumsy and a little dangerous considering I was next to busy dual carriageway. I took off my shoes and socks, placed them in my bag deciding to walk close to edge of dual carriage way curb to avoid stepping on anything unsightly which could be hiding itself inside a long grassed carriageway verge.

After walking for maybe a mile or so a frequented blue flashing light police van pulled up, male and female community support police officers got out and declared they was concerned for my welfare, they kept me busy for a while with many uninteresting questions, I said they couldn’t detain me; shortly after a police woman arrived in a car.

We spent sometime arguing, I wanted to continue to walk, they kept asking me to get into the car, eventually police woman agreed to walk grassy verge with me. Arriving at next junction she suddenly grabbed my arm stating I was being detained with 136 of mental health act. The other community support police had arrived; together they placed me in back of a waiting police car and transported me to Sandal wood mental health unit.

I felt reluctant and apprehensive about returning to this unit after only 4 days from being detained with yet another section 136 (previously from great western hospital); arriving the police had some trouble locating 136 suite. A nurse was waiting at 136 suite door; she was smiling and recognised me from my previous section 136 visit / consultation at sandalwood.

Waiting for the section 136 mental health assessment team (social worker, two psychiatrists and mental health worker) was a shorter two hours. The initial assessment lasted for sometime, female social worker present appeared very worried for me. I hadn’t eaten anything for days and had drank very little since my previous assessment (I’m very thin and have lost much weight). Around my jaw bone skin felt stretched and tight; nerves in my face felt tense tightly clamping annoyingly at my gritted teeth. She seemed shocked even mortified that Id been living through such a horrid circumstance.

After the mental health consultation the doctors retired, after a brief period social worker returned, she said doctors had gone from the building and before leaving they’d initiated section two of mental health act (detained up to 28 days) so therefore would be detaining me and transporting me to Southmead hospital in Bristol.

I asked why they were moving me so far away from Swindon (seventy miles), she responded that there were no beds available at any other hospitals and the only ward open at sandalwood was presently full. I thought its probably less cost effective for the NHS to transport and bed administration to taxi patients huge distances to and throw hospitals than to would be to just reopen some closed wards in districts that needed them.

Spent rest of night rather sleepless and waking feeling week ill from dehydration. 136 African nurses were sleepy and didn’t offer many drinks. On the 136 suite table there were woman’s magazines with pictures of blonde archetypal woman with horrid captions, noticing my anxiousness a 136 nurse eventually removed them.

The transport was delayed two hours leaving little time to have small breakfast. The transport was in a van which was old and noisy and its passengers appeared worn with life. They sat me in van driving along westwards m4 to Bristol arriving at Southmead hospital in just under one hour.

Southmead hospital is largely comprised of old red brick buildings with newer buildings scattered around these are accompanied by one huge new hospital that is under construction. We drove through many turns unit reaching the mental health unit. People in transport van were civil and respectful; wasn’t overtly friendly which might appear to some people unfriendly but maybe to them was just being professional.

The mental health unit has a twisting s shaped upward yellow brick road path, I arrived at top feeling vague but still aware of symmetry of architecture of building, I felt vacant as I drifted through the mental health unit wards front door arriving at reception to an awaiting nurses smile.