Bridlington to Bempton Cliffs

This journey began in Goole from where I took the early morning train straight to Bridlington; on the way I talked to a nice elderly gentleman, he took pictures of trains and had a friendly dog accompanying him.

My great uncle Tom lived in Bridlington; with my mother and father as a child I used to go there for a holiday. My great uncle was a tall kind man, he gave model wooden sailing yachts to both me and my elder brother.

Flamborough Lighthouse / Bempton Cliffs

I arrived at Flamborough lighthouse at midnight, awesome beams from the lighthouses powerful lens searched across the near the jagged cliff landscape and far towards the village of Flamborough.

The night was rough and I was very tired with spending the night laid on cold concrete. The only buses from Flamborough ran back to Bridlington so at sunrise I decided to walk three miles to Bempton. I walked east from the village past a pig farm then onto Bempton Cliff (R.S.P.B protected nature reserve). The startling experience of arriving at the cliff edge was surreal, like another world, a world of noisy birds appear in compassion of the breezy windswept silence inland. I stayed awhile and took the following early morning pictures with my phone….

I was told that puffins nested here but would not arrive until another fortnight had past, the cliff signs said the Puffin birds were small and you had to look hard to find them. I fell asleep for an hour on a bench before entering the R.S.P.B wildlife centre / cafe for a warming cup of tea. I then swiftly left heading back towards Bempton where I’d take a train the rest of the way to Scarborough.