Savernack Forest

I visited the Savernack many times over the years, seven miles of Forest is quite an expanse of ancient trees in these times we live here in England. My druid friend once boasted he’d camped in an obscure part of this forest for an entire week without being noticed; In a Swindon cafe we sat I sitting sipping sweet hot tea, he a cup of hot water; I could feel the spirit of the forest emanating from his attained peaceful presence.

There is a gigantic burl in the centre of this forest, it’s absolutely huge and could well be the biggest in the UK and yet remains unlisted amongst the other trees in the Savernack Forest map / guide.

Few days ago I camped out with a friend inside the Savernack Forest; we burned a fire of Hawthorn which is my Ogham tree (13 of May) making heart warm brew of chai which we shared with a friend who lives close by.


I heard Lord Marlborough (who owned this estate) had lost all of his money and was now making a living driving a lorry and resided in a council house… twist of fate can be so cruel, barbaric.

If this story is true I hope one day if he so wishes that he reclaim his estate; it’s truly beautiful.

(regardless of what he may or may not think of me, the place Marlborough generally doesn’t like me; might be because some idiot tried to twin it with the Gambia)